This video explains how you can earn commissions in the form of Passive Income, by joining as a Business Builder and building a team. See the difference between owning a Real Estate Brokerage and building a team as a Business Builder with Lumallie. 

LUMALLIE has an exclusive commission agreement with Top Agent Referral which allows Members to market their real estate service and help buyers and sellers have a better home buying and selling experience. 

Two profitable industries were combined to enable non-licensed people to create wealth through network marketing and real estate referrals. 

1) Real Estate - 

Top Agent Referral connects buyers and sellers with the Top Pre-Screened Real Estate Agents, Nationwide.

-Free Service

-No obligation 

2) Network Marketing -

LUMALLIE created an online platform to enable non-licensed people to create wealth through Network Marketing and real estate referrals


The Win-Win-Win: 



The client Wins as they get connected to the Best Real Estate Agents which will make them the most amount of money. 

The Real Estate Agent Wins because they got business that they didn't have to market for. 

The Member Wins because they made money with little effort.

Everyone involved benefits and everyone is Happy.